About QuickCharge Games

A smart mobile games startup based near Boulder, CO, QuickCharge Games specializes in expert, rapid mobile game development using their QuickCharge SDK, which allows for cross-platform game development.

With over twenty years of professional development experience in casual games, QuickCharge Games is an agile, virtual studio that leverages the best talent worldwide to develop innovative, solid, reliable games with high quality.

QuickCharge Games was founded by game development industry veteran Tim Mensch. Tim has been developing casual games for over twenty years, since long before they were called "casual," and he founded QuickCharge to develop fun and innovative mobile and casual games.

Darrell Hardy has been professionally creating worlds, designing games, and writing fiction for more than two decades. He's worked on tabletop roleplaying, trading card, and board games as well as online strategy games, both as a freelancer and as a staff developer. You can follow Darrell on Twitter at @HardyTales or check out his website at www.darrellhardy.com.

Overhead is low, but the skills and enthusiasm you'll find in QuickCharge developers is high. For more information you can .